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7/12/11: Android Version Released. Look for Hockey Stat Tracker on the Android Market.

Thanks to Mike Larson for all the help with the requirements and testing for this new app!!

Note: You can migrate your settings from the Lite version to the Paid version and to and from the iPad versions. However you can't move settings between Hockey Shot Tracker and Hockey Stat Tracker.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New version of Hockey Stat Tracker for iOS

I've submitted a new version of Hockey Stat Tracker for iPhone/iPod/iPad. Lots of new things:

- Added a game clock. Shots are tied to game time now.
- Allow user to sort order stats appear in game and reports
- When a user is set to 'did not play' in game they go to the bottom of the list
- Added a comment section for games (hit new menu button).
- Game comments show up on Game reports
- Add button to Team config to auto create players. Can choose your own player numbers or let it auto generate.
- Added Shots to Team Summary reports
- Changed Team, Game and Player reports to use Abbreviation from configuration of stats
- Added a page with FAQ and contact info
- Added ability to configure periods – name, order length, overtime
- Fix crash in reports when not many stats chosen to display
- Attempt to fix random crashes on iPad version
- Updated database to match other apps.

Note – not much is being done with the game clock yet. Please send me ideas on how you would like to see it used.

Should be released in the next few days.


  1. I love the Game Clock feature, but expected to see something in the reports showing the time in which goals were scored? If there is no reporting, then the Game Clock feature doesn't do me much good (unless I was keeping hard copy stats along side). Also, I am confused how the "configure Periods" feature comes in to play? It's not a selection option when starting a new game? Still love the app - thanks!

  2. Hi Hollywood Four -

    The game clock is keeping track of the shot times and goal times, but there isn't much reporting yet. I love your idea of showing the times that the goals were scored. I'll look at adding it.

    Configure Periods - the time is used in the games but not as a 'hard stop' just the timer will go red if you go past the period length. Also when you do 'change period' the list of periods you've configured will appear. They are also used in the reports. Really getting this in there was more as a stepping stone to future functionality.

    Please feel free to email me at hockeystattracker@gmail.com with any suggestions, problems, etc.

  3. What is the difference between hockey shot lite and hockey stat lite. How to set up a new game? Seasona and players are entered

  4. Chip - Hockey Stat Tracker allows you to track more stats including ones you configure yourself and is a little quicker to add shots. Hockey Shot Tracker handles all the stats right off adding the shot - it makes better use of the screen and has a couple of other nice features.

    When you have a Season, Team and Players created, make sure you have created an opponent. Go into the Games section and hit Add Game. You'll select the opponent plus some other info and then run the game.

    The easiest way to contact me is via email at hockeystattracker@gmail.com.

  5. This app won't let me type. .any suggestions

  6. can you track WHO shot the shot and auto add it to his/her stats? Or do you have to manually enter the players shots?

  7. Are you willing to make a custom version of Hockey Stat Tracker? will pay more but not a ton.

  8. Was there an answer to the 10/20/12 comment regarding being able to track who took a shot and have it auto add to the player's stats? We like to track who and where the shot came from. Thanks!

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  10. Mark - Is there any way to get the full version available to me? I love using the Hockey Shot Tracker HD Lite, but it says the full version is not available in the US.

    1. Art, did you have any luck? I'm trying to get the full version of the Hockey Stat Tracker HD, but no luck. Is he still responding to questions? Thanks

  11. I just started using the Lite version and want to buy the full version, but cannot find it in the Apple Store, how do I get it for my iPad?

    1. Any luck Chris? I can't find the full version anywhere now.

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  13. I am looking for an iOS 10 update. Cannot add any further teams as an opponent. Keeps adding as the opponents as a main team. Please help!!!!

  14. Is it possible to get this app back on iTunes in Canada? With new updates?

  15. Why is the App no longer available in US?

  16. I bought this app last year off your site - just had to replace my tablet...is there a way to copy it to the new one, or get a copy without having to pay again? Thanks!!