Welcome to Hockey Stat Tracker.

All those years of tracking your team's shots and stats on paper are over. Now you can do it faster and more accurately on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Timed Stat Tracker:
Timed Stat Tracker allows you to quickly and easily track time based stats such as time of possession, time in offensive zone, time in defensive zone, etc. Reports contain graphs over time to show the progression of your team. Available on iOS and Android devices.
Timed Stat Tracker

Team Shift Tracker:
Team Shift Tracker tracks shifts and playing time for as many or as few players as you wish. Reports contain detailed information per player and graphs that allow you to easily compare players. Available on iOS and Android devices.
Team Shift Tracker

7/12/11: Android Version Released. Look for Hockey Stat Tracker on the Android Market.

Thanks to Mike Larson for all the help with the requirements and testing for this new app!!

Note: You can migrate your settings from the Lite version to the Paid version and to and from the iPad versions. However you can't move settings between Hockey Shot Tracker and Hockey Stat Tracker.

Email me at: hockeystattracker@gmail.com with any questions, issues or suggestions.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Some people have reported that the Home/Away and Game Type lists are empty. I think this may be causing some crashes that people are seeing too. If this is happening to you, please contact me at hockeystattracker@gmail.com. I have an update that I believe will fix it - but I can't duplicate it myself to confirm.

Friday, April 8, 2011

iPad Versions Released

Well the iPad versions are finally released. I'll post some screen shots and better instructions in the next day or two. However, for now, you'll need to understand how to add Seasons, Teams, Players and Games. Its a little quirky but once you have done it a couple of times you'll be fine. The process is:

1) Hit the button in the top left corner to pick whether you are modifying Seasons, Teams or Players. This step isn't necessary in the Games screen because you are only dealing with games.
2) At the bottom of the list (always visible in landscape mode, visible by hitting the second button in the top left in portrait mode) select a Season and/or Team as appropriate.
3) To ADD an entry, hit the Edit button, then the + button that appears. Then you can type your details on the main screen. Finish by hitting save in the bottom right corner.
4) When you have finished Adding/Deleting entries, hit the Done button.
UPDATE - with the currently released version you no longer need to hit Edit then + to add entries. Simply click in the 'Add' row. This should be far more intuitive.
5) Click on any row to bring the details into the main screen for editing. Here's the annoying twist - you can't be in Edit mode to edit something. Yes, its kinda silly :) If you are in Edit mode, hit the Done button. Then you will be able to edit entries. Hit save when you're finished.

I know the workflow isn't great. I'm working on improving it but I want to get the Android versions done first plus I am finalizing a new app that tracks all of the stats just by entering shots. You'll be able to track goals, assists, shots, saves, missed shots, pipe/post shots and blocked shots - for both your team AND your opponent. It will also track the stats for the goalies. It is being beta tested this weekend at a rather large tournament in Minnesota - if all goes well I'll get it released shortly. Which app to chose really depends on the stats you want and the workflow you like.

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions.