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All those years of tracking your team's shots and stats on paper are over. Now you can do it faster and more accurately on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Timed Stat Tracker:
Timed Stat Tracker allows you to quickly and easily track time based stats such as time of possession, time in offensive zone, time in defensive zone, etc. Reports contain graphs over time to show the progression of your team. Available on iOS and Android devices.
Timed Stat Tracker

Team Shift Tracker:
Team Shift Tracker tracks shifts and playing time for as many or as few players as you wish. Reports contain detailed information per player and graphs that allow you to easily compare players. Available on iOS and Android devices.
Team Shift Tracker

7/12/11: Android Version Released. Look for Hockey Stat Tracker on the Android Market.

Thanks to Mike Larson for all the help with the requirements and testing for this new app!!

Note: You can migrate your settings from the Lite version to the Paid version and to and from the iPad versions. However you can't move settings between Hockey Shot Tracker and Hockey Stat Tracker.

Email me at: hockeystattracker@gmail.com with any questions, issues or suggestions.

Monday, March 7, 2011


By default the app will allow you to track 8 types of statistics. However you have the ability to add 5 more of your own.

Default statistics are:

Power Play Goals
Short Handed Goals

To access the Statistics configuration, from the Main Page hit the Settings button, and then on the resulting page hit the Statistics button. This will bring you to the following page:

For each of the predefined stats you can change the abbreviation and you can toggle whether it is used. If you turn a statistic 'off' it will not appear when you are running a game and it will not appear in the reports. You can always turn it back on at any time.

To add your own statistic, simply give it a name and an abbreviation, and turn the switch 'ON'. In the above image you will see that I added a new stat called 'Stupid Penalties'. You may want to be nicer and track something like Blocked Shots :)

When you're done, just hit the Settings button in the top left to go back to the Settings page. Your changes are saved automatically.

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